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Wed, Nov 8, 2023

Thu, Jan 4, 2024

Challenge period

Wed, Dec 20, 2023

Sun, Jan 14, 2024


Cycling Finisher 420 Km

Running Finisher 42 Km


Its a virtual challenge. You can run and ride from anywhere in this world


Join us for a spectacular journey through the festive season at #TOGOFESTIVE2023!
It's more than just a challenge; it's a festive experience like no other.

Our challenge, spanning from December to January, is the perfect way to end the year on a high note and blaze into the new year. We aim to provide a seamless transition for our members, supporting them in keeping their resolutions and kick-starting their fitness goals.

Join fellow cyclists and runners as we celebrate the spirit of the season. Don't miss your chance to be a part of #TOGOFESTIVE2023 – sign up today and experience the holidays like never before!

This year, we're introducing something special – an Outdoor-Only event with two Finisher Categories:


Cover 420km on your bike, and


Conquer 42km on your feet.

For the first time ever, we have separate leaderboards for Cycling and Running,
offering you the opportunity to shine in your preferred discipline.

Embrace your inner duathlete with the all-new Duathlete Challenge!
To unlock the Bike 'n Run Duathlete Achievement, complete a minimum of 100 km of cycling and 10 km of running.

*Orders made after 1200hrs on November 23rd, 2023 will be delivered 4-6 weeks after the challenge ends

Get ready to triple your rewards! Purchase 3 or more of our #TOGOFESTIVE2023 merchandise and receive a 7% discount, digital voucher, and achievement. Don't miss out on this amazing offer!

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This challenge is inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, where various Christmas-related activities are enjoyed.
We've infused that same spirit into our daily fitness challenge, which involves cycling and running.
Over the 12 days, participants can complete different rides/runs corresponding to each day (e.g., 1 km run/ride on the 1st day, 2 km run/ride on the 2nd day, and so on).

Unlock Achievement & Leaderboard Badge

Digital Badge on Leaderboard

*The achievement and leaderboard badge will be awarded after the challenge has ended and the verification process is completed.
You can expect to receive it following the conclusion of the challenge.


We are excited to offer you a referral affiliate program as a participant in our event.
By joining #TOGOFESTIVE2023, you have the opportunity to earn a referral fee for every friend or family member who purchases something using your referral code.


USD 28.80

#TOGOFESTIVE2023 Event Medal

Celebrate your achievement with the exclusive #TOGOFESTIVE2023 Event Medal! Inspired by the spirit of the year-end festive season and adorned with captivating snowflake elements, it represents the convergence of timeless design and feelings of positivity.

✔️ This medal symbolizes personal achievement, recognizing your hard work and dedication to reach the challenge's goal.

✔️ It's not just an ordinary medal; it's also an integral part of the #TOGOFESTIVE2023 celebration, contributing to the festive atmosphere of the event and helping participants feel more engaged in the spirit of the celebration.

✔️ This medal can also serve as inspiration for others to participate in similar challenges and celebrate their own achievements.

USD 59.90

#TOGOFESTIVE2023 Event Jersey

Showcase your festive spirit with this jersey, featuring a design inspired by the year-end festive season and embellished with captivating snowflake elements. It represents the blend of timeless design and positive emotions. Our latest jersey is ideal for commemorating the new year. Experience the breeze with our jersey's sweat-wicking breathability, ensuring you have the ventilation needed to pursue your goals.


✔️ 3 elastic back pockets

✔️ 2 rear reflective strips for safety

✔️ Hidden zippered right-side pocket

✔️ Full length zipper with auto-lock puller

✔️ UPF 50+ Sun protection factor

✔️ Combination of 2 lightweight tech fabrics

USD 44.90

#TOGOFESTIVE2023 Event Tee

Mark the journey into the new year with the exclusive #TOGOFESTIVE2023 Event Tee! It's a versatile and essential addition to your wardrobe. Beyond being a comfortable and stylish staple, it embodies the same design essence as our jersey, enabling you to make a statement wherever you go. Our lightweight running tee is crafted from quick-drying and cooling fabric, ensuring you can stay focused on your run without concerns about perspiration.


✔️ Designed in-house for cycling and running

✔️ Contoured side panels for mobility

✔️ 4-way stretch, breathable, sweat-wick

✔️ 2 rear reflective strips for safety

✔️ UPF 50+ Sun protection factor

USD 74.90

#TOGOFESTIVE2023 Event Cargo Shorts

Our event cargo shorts are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Plus, we've added two easy-access mesh pockets to help you stay organized and focused on the road ahead.


✔️ Built with 2 Mesh Pockets (left and right)

✔️ Elastic waistband with silicone grippers

✔️ 6-hour multi density chamois pad (grey) for pain-free rides

✔️ Reflective print transfers

✔️ UPF50+ sun protection factor

✔️ Resilient to elastic and thinning degradation

USD 154.90

#TOGOFESTIVE2023 Event Cargo Bib Shorts

Carry more without bags! Our Cargo Bib Shorts is specially designed for those long rides built in with 4 Mesh Pockets for massive storage and a new 8-hr multi density long distance chamois pad.


✔️ Optimal stretch performance material

✔️ Resilient to elastic and thinning degradation

✔️ High airflow back and shoulder straps

✔️ 8-hour multi density pad (red) for comfortable long round the island rides

✔️ 2 more rear mesh pockets for more storage

USD 39.90

#TOGORIDE2023 Cyclodari-Tee

Keep it simple with this high-quality heather material tee. Quick dry and ultra-soft comfort - perfect for your rides and everyday wear. It helps you stay cool, as well as enhances your mobility and performance. Your ride will never go out of style.


✔️ Soft Material for comfort

✔️ Designed In-house for cycling or running

✔️ Improves moisture management

✔️ Enhances Mobility and performance 

✔️ Breathable fabric that improves air flow

✔️ Premium yarn pro-long fabric

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Challenge period

Wed, Dec 20, 2023 - Sun, Jan 14, 2024

Challenge period

Wed, Dec 20, 2023 - Sun, Jan 14, 2024